They say it’s your birthday!

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I’m going to be honest, this birthday has been a hard one to look forward to. Not because of the actual birthday, but because in triathlon rules you age up on January 1. Which means because I turn 39 today, starting January 1 I will be wearing the number 40 on the back of my calf at my races in 2016.

Now, I know in my head that the number of years we’ve been alive has little to do with what we are capable of, but there is some urgency in my heart that as time continues on there is less time for dreams to come true–dreams of the good I want to leave behind, the things I want to see, the people I want to meet, and the people who I need to see again… Now don’t get me wrong, these past 39 years have been full of amazing experiences. All I have to do is remember some of my past birthday celebrations to be reminded of that–from the special birthday as a kid at the Breakers Palm Beach to the college December birthday extravaganza thrown by Katie to the ones spent living in Europe and every single one of them spent with friends and/or family. As I sat around the table last night with friends laughing and reminiscing and making plans for the future, I couldn’t help but smile as all these friends came together to wish me a happy birthday.

Today I found a new peace about my birthday. I attended the funeral of a new friend’s mother and I was struck by how she was remembered in the things that came naturally to her, things that we might often overlook and call mundane. From helping her brother with homework when they were kids to helping her mom navigate some health issues, this woman was living her life purpose and leaving her mark in the everyday moments.

So at the end of my birthday as I cuddle with my sweet Annie, I am ready to face the next year with much optimism and excitement.

PS-As one of my dreams is to see an end to the bone eating tumor that found it’s way into my leg, would you consider making a gift for my birthday to help make that happen? The same people responsible for saving my leg from the Giant Cell Tumor at Emory University Medical School do ongoing research on how to prevent, treat and cure this disease. You can donate at the following link and all the forms will be prefilled to go to the right place: Thanks from the bottom of my heart and my femur in advance for helping me chase this dream.

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