it’s Complicated

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So hard to describe the emotions I feel before every post surgery check up. Suffice it to say “it’s complicated.” October 7 marks the two year anniversary of the tumor removal surgery and the two year mark is a pretty big milestone. According to the doctors, 80% of all reoccurrences happen in the first two years post surgery. The giant cell tumor is aggressive and grows rapidly therefore if any had been missed in the initial surgery it seems it would find its way back to growing and eating bone pretty fast–hence the two years. Luckily I haven’t had much pain lately that I could contribute to the bone, so I do have that going for me…and I’m continuing to get stronger, slowly but surely. So if you happen to think of it this morning, please send some happy thoughts my way as I’ll be hanging out in the MRI machine for a while, getting an assortment of X-rays and finding out what they all mean and counting on good news that we can all celebrate together.

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