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I have always enjoyed writing…okay, that may be too general of a statement.I do have an occasional flashback to my freshman writing seminar in college where I never could construct an argument to the liking of my professor. Back in those days I would have preferred to have a conversation than to write. But as I have grown and experienced life, I have become more introspective and relish in the ability to create when I write. Sometimes it is a 140 character tweet and other time it is a detailed race report, but all of it becomes alive when pen to paper, fingers to keyboard, thumb to iPhone gives it life.

I remember reading something posted online a few years ago about how “creative people need multiple outlets.” (See the article from Good Magazine here. Thanks to @DrPriceMitchell on twitter for tweeting a link to the article.) At the time I was doing a lot of social media and event creation but found myself every chance I had picking up a piece of paper (whether blank or not–in flight magazines often became a casualty of writing) to write. Pen to paper and things began to flow…thoughts, feelings, insecurities, accomplishments, the things I wished I had said, the things I meant to say, dreams of what could be, dreams of things to far outside my reality, notes to friends, reminders of important things…similar to how the author described his doodling, I was doing that with writing.

But that compulsion has slowed over time. Was it just a period in my life? Am I just out of practice? Is there too much swimming, biking and running in my life to have time for writing? Are my priorities different? Who can really say, but I do find myself missing it. So when I stumbled upon the 500 words a day challenge, I decided to hop on. I’m not sure it will turn into  a blog post every day, but I commit to sitting down and writing 500 words. I’ve got some big goals on the horizon and they will entail a lot of writing on a regular basis so I figure it is best to get some practice in to refresh the connection between the thoughts in my head and the words on the piece of paper or screen.

Word Count: 383 + 138 on a guest post I am working on = 521

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  1. What an awesome goal!! I used to write much more, then right after college gave up journalling for Lent. (I felt I was becoming too introspective…) Now that I’m blogging, I’ve found my writing to be much more intentional. I journal things out, but I enjoy having to take those thoughts and form them into something suitable for a vast audience. I’d love to commit to writing everyday, but I’ve found that I’m in a stage where committing to do anything everyday usually ends in failure. I’m learning to be flexible…. 😉 Looking forward to reading more from you!!

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