Week 2: Catching up

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If there’s one thing for certain, it’s that nothing is certain, at least in Ironman training, and while that may seem pretty pessimistic, I would classify it more as realistic. From my experience what can go wrong will go wrong (in racing and training) especially when you are not prepared for it…like how it rains on the days I forget my umbrella. 

Speaking of rain…it rained a lot week 2! And that really threw me off schedule. Rain means no swimming or pool running at the Y and makes walking more difficult. But we are at the time of year when it rains almost EVERY DAY! Therefore I really have to be consistent with the a.m. schedule and not put it off until after work–lesson learned: proud to say that I did three out of four major weekday workouts before work week 3…but more of that in the week 3 update.

Two big wins for last week were a 2 hour bike ride on Saturday and a 3000 yard swim on Sunday. Mentally I am trying to make peace with all the hours of riding in the flats I will be doing this summer. After all the fun I’ve had in St. Francisville riding in the hills, I was worried about being bored on flat ground. But a ride with friends and some wind made things a lot more fun. Because of the rain during the week, I missed a swim workout so I added the 3000 straight swim On Sunday morning. It was an awesome hour in the pool–maybe even my favorite hour of the week. It was by no means my fastest swim ever, but also not my slowest; at the same time I wasn’t really going for speed, just wanted to see if I had the physical and mental endurance. And sure enough…I did.

So all in all, it was a good week with some good lessons to learn and some key workouts done. Below are a couple of pics I took this week.

Week 2 done. 21 weeks left to go.

hulu on the trainer in the a.m.
coffee with #teamnoname
muffin, my lifeguard for my long swim


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