2015 Goals

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One of the great things about social media, whether tweeting, blogging or hanging out on the book of faces (remember when that was a real thing that was printed and bound and handed out your first weeks at college?!)…is that it’s there for all to see and remember and check up on you about. I wonder if that’s where the idea of New Years resolutions came from, resolving publicly to do something so others would know and hold you accountable to it. Unfortunately, resolutions are often done in bold grand gestures and not written in a way that makes them easily achievable. Therefore, I decided last year to write them as goals (or at least attempt to when possible.) I made some great progress on my 2014 goals and hope this year to do the same in addition to being more consistent with reporting my progress on my goals. So without rambling any further, I present to you my 2015 goals.

1) write a personal mission statement–it’s time for some soul searching to big the big ideas and philosophies that are most important to me and craft them into a personal mission statement.

2) start a blog telling stories of fellow giant cell tumor survivors–as I was searching to information about my diagnosis all I found were a handful of jargon filled medical journals articles. I want to extend beyond the telling of my life with a giant cell bone tumor that you get to read here to other fellow fighters and survivors to bring more light to what can be a very frightening place.

3) finish painting the inside of my house–it’s long past time to be living with swatches of tester paint on my living rooms walls!

4) enjoy the run at Ironman Florida–last year was about getting to the finish line at all cost, this year is about doing everything to set myself up for a good run. Let this be fair warning to my legs that we will be running this year! #takethattumor

5) apply for my PhD–with my new job comes tuition benefits and I intend to use them to their fullest, so no more procrastinating, time to apply!

6) revive my consulting business–when life gets busy sometimes you have to put things aside for a while, but it’s time to put other things aside so I can focus on the things that are energizing and life giving.

The following are rollovers from 2014, but no less important:

7) try cooking a new to me recipe once a month–only remember doing this 3 out of 12 months last year, so it’s back on the list. I can easily get stuck in a rut with my cooking (or my choosing not to cook) and need the push and the accountability of this goal.

8) To give more than I get–now this one might look more like a resolution, but it is simple in that if I buy myself a new outfit then an old outfit needs to be given awayI want to live in more awareness of this goal this year, not in compiling the data of how it happens but in being aware that it is happening as opposed to just doing it to check it off.

9) To celebrate and live out of my strengths–Connectedness, Individualization, Learner, Command and Belief–I am thinking that when I write my personal mission statement this goal will be swallowed up in there, but until then it says here are a reminder to me to consciously working on this until it becomes a natural part of my life.

Here’s to looking forward and to running after my dreams and to hoping that run gets a wee bit faster as well! Would love to hear about your goals for 2015 in the comments.


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