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1421116_10100732778867259_7780895456167241681_oIt’s been a while since my last post and for my loyal readers (hi Dad!) I do apologize. Life was a whirlwind post Ironman and I was pretty burned out on living a fast pace life, so all my free time (which was a lot less than I was expecting) was spent just enjoying life, hanging out with my dog Annie and not exercising. When I finally got back to it, I ended up dealing with (and am still dealing with) some plantar faciitis–not fun at all! I did end up heading out to Ironman Florida to volunteer and cheer on friends who were racing and somehow over the course of the weekend I signed myself up for next year’s race. I am actually really excited as I feel like I have some unfinished business with Florida.

In addition to all that, I recently change jobs and am back in the world of education and non-profits. Long before all this triathlon stuff started I used to work on a college campus, and boy, have I missed it over the last 9.5 years. I am actually working in the department that coordinates all the service-learning on campus and couldn’t be more excited about it. Pretty sure there will be more to share about this in the near future.

Got to spend the holidays with my favorite little ones who are not so little anymore!

IMG_2753.JPGSo now you are all caught up! Really, it’s been a lot of me working and going to the dog park and working some more which honestly is not all the exciting so you should be glad that I took a little hiatus from the blog.

Looking ahead…this is what’s on the calendar for 2015:

What’s on your calendar for 2015?

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