Day 10: Dreams

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What do you dream about? Dreams can be big or small. And some of the best often come at the most unexpected times. We will often call them goals or put them on a “bucket list” but I consider them all dreams. Dreams are typically things that are out of our current reach…they might be just outside our reach or something others may call far fetched because they seem very far away. It will take work to make them a reality, but sometimes that work to there actually becomes the best part of the dream.

Today I got the chance to witness some folks as their dreams became a reality. Whether it was finishing their first marathon, setting a personal record, qualifying for Boston, they were all accomplished today. I always enjoy hearing folks describe what it was like to meet their goal or for their dream to become a reality. Sometimes there is still a bit of unbelief even though they just lived it. The great thing about accomplishing dreams, is the next time we let our minds wander our dreams become bigger. We realize that we can do this or that and want to do more. For me it started with a 5K, then a short triathlon, then a half-marathon and so on to the current dream of the Ironman.

If you need help dreaming, surround  yourself with others who dream and make sure they dream big. Big dreams are contagious and before long you won’t be able to help but have some dreams that will inspire others to dream big, too.

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