Day 7: Kicking

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Today was a very good day. I know for many people it’s not quite over, but it’s already jammie time for me. Started the day with some physical therapy. The current routine is 10 minutes spinning on the bike, 20 minutes on the treadmill (still slightly unweighted), 5 minutes on the elliptical, lots of leg lifts and other fun strength building things. From there, did some errands and got to catch up with a friend. All very good things! But the big win for the day came at the pool today when I got to kick.

I have been going to the pool semi-regularly since about 6 weeks post surgery. I remember that first time in the pool–it felt like I was dragging a dead leg behind me as it just wouldn’t work right. It didn’t quite make sense to me as I knew I could do each of the actions of kicking on it’s own, but all the parts of my leg didn’t want to cooperate with each other. Since that first swim things definitely got better, but if I was not using the kick board or swimming backstroke, I was pretty much just pulling. But that all changed today.

There’s a big debate about kicking in the triathlon community…but for me, if I am not kicking my swim stroke does not feel right. So when it all finally clicked tonight and my leg decided to kick again, it was pretty awesome. Sometimes it takes looking back to see the progress that I have made, but today I was able to feel the progress that I am making. To be present in the moment and to know that I am making progress, propels me to want to make more.

While I might still have a little hitch in my giddy-up, I have my kick back and that makes today a very good day.

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