Chatting on Twitter: Easier than You Think

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After getting your feet wet on Twitter, it’s important to find some friends to build your follower base.  A great way to do this is to participate in a chat on Twitter.  Chats on twitter are typically held at a specific time and place which makes it pretty easy to join in.  Each chat has it’s own #hashtag like #runchat or #genychat.  A good way to find a chat you might be interested in is to check the tweets of those you follow–that’s how I have stumbled into my last couple chats.  The most extensive list of chats that I found in a quick search was in a google document on this post:

So how does a twitter chat work?  Each person participating in the chat marks their tweet with the designated #hashtag.  In order for you to see the other tweets with that specific #hastag you will need to use a search function.  If you use a twitter client like hootsuite or tweetdeck you can set up a search column for the hashtag.  You can also use a tool like which will not only filter for the #hashtag, it will also automatically add the #hashtag to your tweets (something I can forget when getting into a chat).  This is helpful because as soon as you drop the #hashtag you may be dropped from the conversation especially if you are chatting with folks who you don’t follow and/or don’t follow you.

After your twitter chat, be sure to give a shoutout to those that you chatted with, follow those folks you met that you would like to interact with more, and welcome your new followers.  Good manners gets you far in the Twittersphere!

Got some chats that you participate in? Let me know, as I am always looking for more.

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