Annie’s Favorites for June

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It’s been a while since Annie last shared her favorite things with you. I figured now is as good a time of any as we have recently added some new things to add to our list of favorites.

1) IQ Treat Ball: Move over purple toy, Annie has a new favorite toy. The IQ Treat Ball his has jumped up to number one on Annie’s list of favorite things. It operates on a similar concept in that you put food inside and her motivation to play with it is to get the food out. But she ends up using it to play ball as well and we have games of soccer in the house. The only issue is that she loves it so much that when it gets stuck somewhere she can’t get to, whining ensues. You will have to be ok with having an occasional piece of food or treat hanging out on the floor. Annie does the rounds of the entire house most days to make sure she got every kibble, but sometimes she will miss one especially if it’s hard to reach. Also, you will need to supply the food to put inside. We just use her dry dog food which we loves (see below).

2) Fruitables Jerky for Dogs: The last time Annie shared her favorite things, We told you about how she loves jerky. I finally found the brand again at our local organic grocery store and more recently online. Annie is so happy! Her favorite flavor is duck (bird dog, go figure!) with salmon coming in a close second. We typically use the jerkey in the purple toy we talked about in her last favorites post and she loves it!

3) Orijen Regional Red dry dog food: Last July we found out that Annie has Addison’s Disease. It affects your adrenal glands and their ability to regulate some hormones in Annie’s body. We found out while learning all we could about the best things for Annie given her diagnosis that a food high in quality protein is best. Asking around to others whose dogs also have Addison’s, we learned about Orijen. We decided to try the Regional Red flavor first and Annie was sold. It has free-range red meats including wild boar, beef, lamb and other things she things are yummy. Annie loves this food! So much so that we even use the kibbles for treats for training and in her treat ball. Whereas once upon a time she could walk away from her bowl leaving some behind, there is never anything left in her bowl these days!

4) Greenies Pill Pockets: Because of Addison’s, Annie takes medicine everyday. She comes running when I open the pill bottle because her daily meds are put inside a pill pocket before I give them to her. She thinks she is getting a treat instead of medicine. She likes all the flavors, but of course her favorite is duck flavored.

5) Snuggling: Glad this one makes the list, because it’s one of my favorite things, too. Annie loves to snuggle with people, under the covers, in her bed and more. She certainly makes getting comfy look easy even when it seems impossible, like on a road trip in the car. When you cover her with a blanket, she lets our a thank you grunt that makes you know she appreciates the gesture and will have a better snuggle for it.

So that rounds out Annie’s Five Favorite things for now. All links for products will take you to Amazon where you can find out more information about the product as well as purchase it. As an Amazon Affiliate, if you purchase one of these items after clicking on the link from my page a small percentage of the cost will come back to me. Please note: I am not receiving any compensation for endorsing these products–Annie has picked them all and if you came to our house you would see them all in use.

In case you were missing seeing her face as much as I do when we are not together, he are some of my favorite current pics! 


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